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Senior Care
With our senior care services, elderly adults can continue to live independently in their home. Our staff of Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants can provide you with the following services:

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Private Duty Care

Private duty home care is supportive care paid for mainly by private pay or through long term care insurance. Our home care aides or certified nursing assistants to provide companionship and personal care services – and in some cases more complex nursing services – in a client’s home or living facility.

In-Home Care

A Live-in Aide resides at the client’s residence and is on-call to assist 24 hours a day. This service incorporates Personal Care Assistance and Homemaking Services, which provides safety and security for your loved one. Your peace of mind knowing that our skillfully matched and well trained staff will maintain a clean environment, assist with meal planning, shopping and preparation, pet walking, vital sign monitoring, assist with self medication and ensure safe activities of daily living and personal hygiene. The aide will escort your loved one to physician appointments and communicate valuable information. Our staff will encourage your loved one to participate in creative craft activities and have meaningful reminiscent conversations.

Personal Care

Our Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants will maintain a clean and safe environment, assist with meal planning, shopping and preparation, vital sign monitoring, assist with self medication and ensure safe activities of daily living and personal hygiene. The aide will assist with bathing and dressing, transferring and ambulation, toileting (including incontinence care) and will escort your loved one to physician appointments. Our staff will encourage your loved one to participate in creative, craft activities for brain fitness and are delighted to have meaningful reminiscent conversations.

Alzheimer's Dementia Care

If you or someone you love is affected by Alzheimer’s or Dementia you have no-doubt been advised to seek help early. This is because there are a variety of things that can be done to prepare and improve quality of life. 

Our caregivers are experienced to deal with Alzheimer’s or Dementia and can help to greatly take the pressure off those around someone who is suffering such a progressive illness.  They help with the activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing as well as medication reminders.

People with Alzheimer’s or Dementia usually feel much better in familiar surroundings, providing that the appropriate levels of care and support are in place. We can implement a program of support services that result in high quality care for the client thus taking away much of the stress from the family and friends to maintain a safe and calm environment.  As well as emotional support, our caregivers will carry out all the practical care aspects and routine home management issues such as housekeeping or laundry leaving family and friends to spend significant periods of quality time in between.

Respite Care

Respite care is vital for family members in need of a break from care giving. A period of rest and relaxation for the care giver is necessary to avoid feelings of frustration and to feel re-energized again.

Homemaking Services

Our Home Health Aides provide Homemaking services which will ensure a clean environment by providing light housekeeping, laundry and linen changes. They also can assist with walking your pet, letter correspondence, meal planning and preparation, shopping and room organization.

Post Discharge Care

You might be planning on being home for your loved one when he or she returns home, there could be certain aspects of their recovery plan that you might need assistance with. Axis Health Systems will help you with many post-discharge care requirements that will benefit your loved one to a complete recuperation. We will work with the hospitals discharge papers to plan the best care we both agree for your loved one to make sure they get an effective recovery. We can help in many ways. It’s a happy time when retuning home from the hospital. We can coordinate the necessary home health care to make the transition less stressfull for you and your loved one.

Stroke Survivor Assistance

People who have had a stroke need a safe and healthy environment with the appropriate level of support. Some stroke disabilities get better over time. Axis Health Systems can help stroke victims reach their maximum rehabilitation potential in the comfort of their home. With speech therapy, your family member may regain some ability to communicate. Physical therapy may improve their range of motion. Occupational therapy will help them to regain the skills needed to perform the activities of daily living. A home care aide can help with household tasks like cleaning and laundry. A home health aide can also help with bathing and grooming; oversee medications; check pulse, temperature, and blood pressure; and help with simple exercises.

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