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Home Health Services


Skilled Nursing Services

Our experienced Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses perform a variety of services prescribed by the client’s physician. Our agency’s nursing staff assists the physician in determining the patient’s treatment needs, performs ordered care, and maintains contact with the physician. Our nursing staff is skilled in Wound and Decubitus Care, Instruction and Administration of Medications, Catheter Care, Pain Management, Elderly & Alzheimer's Care, Post-Operative Care, High-Tech services, IV Therapy, Diabetic Management Services

Home Health Aide Services

Home care services are the appropriate choice when a person prefers to maintain independent living by remaining in the comfort and privacy of home, but still needs the kind of ongoing care that can no longer effectively be provided by family and friends. Whether it's an elderly relative who requires services as her capabilities diminish, a recuperating patient who temporarily needs assistance until fully recovered, or a terminally ill loved one who wishes to maintain dignity at the end of life, choosing compassionate and experienced home care that we provide can make the difference between living a joyful life, and enduring a stress-filled existence


Rehabilitation Services

Our professional staff of licensed Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists is available to assist with the client’s rehabilitation needs. Physical Therapy: Addresses mobility, strength and/ or balance. Our Physical Therapists will typically instruct the patient in home exercise programs and safety issues. Occupational Therapy:Focuses on the restoration of the functional aspects of daily living. This includes training to increase independence in dressing, bathing or other general household activities. Speech / Language Pathology:Evaluates and treats speech, voice, swallowing and cognitive difficulties.

Medical Social Services

Our Medical Social services can provide the patient and family with assistance in many areas, including but not limited to: Assistance with the rental or purchase of medical equipment, Counseling for long-range planning and decision making such as nursing home placement or life care communities, Community resource planning and referrals such as locating private hourly care funded through state or county programs, prescription assistance, or initiating meals-on-wheels, Assistance with understanding medical bills or other financial account management

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